Transformer industry

We are a supplier of peripheral equipment for the transformer industry.
You can take advantage of our many years of experience in designing, building, and implementing the most diverse requirements.

Clamping devices


Possible options:

  • Platforms with central holes in the diaphragm for coils or internal work.
  • Variable opening diameter with iris-type diaphragm. With one or more platforms.
  • Front-opening platform for easy loading at ground level.
  • Platforms with ladders enabling all-round access.
  • Footbridges connecting two platforms without stairs, which serve as passageways.

Possible options:

  • One- to X-compartment coil unwinders
  • Horizontal and vertical unwinding
  • Pressure rollers
  • Disc brakes
  • Smooth winding adapters
  • Mobile framework
  • Manual or electronic controls

There are two options for the expanding mandrels:

  1. "Inclined plane" system
  2. "Umbrella" system

The expanding mandrel with the "inclined plane" system has a high tensile strength, but a limited extension range. It is regulated manually or by an actuator. The face chuck is positioned on the left side of the mandrel, and the puncher center point is on the right side. Adjustable stops are positioned at both ends.

Due to its improved stable mechanics, the expanding mandrel with the "umbrella" system has a high tensile strength and a clamping range of up to 1,200 mm. Thanks to this feature, the finished product achieves a large width.

Dornieden Anlagentechnik GmbH has already supplied more than a hundred expanding mandrels around the world. We are happy to tell you more about our unit!


Standard program:

  • Strong structure
  • Lateral mounting
  • Spool hydraulics
  • Press force of up to 4,000 kN
  • Unrestricted inner spool diameter
  • Position sensor – additional option
  • Cycle control (SPS)


Standard program:

  • It can be used in ovens heated to 150°C
  • Simple operation
  • Easy intra-shop transport
  • Press force of up to 3,600 kN
  • Position sensor – additional option


Possible options:

  • Fully manual control
  • Semi-automatic control
  • Each arm moves separately
  • Optional lifting point for center of gravity adjustment
  • Adjustable angle between the arms (60-90°)
  • Tension belt assembly not required
  • Semi-automatic clutch with crane
  • Terminal block on arms for spool protection

Coil winder for winding round, oval, or rectangular transformer coils at low voltage.

Possible options:

  • • Winding of copper and aluminum foil up to 3 mm thick
  • With one or two foil winding devices
  • Simultaneous winding of one or two foil layers either parallel to each other or one above the other
  • With edge controller
  • With two insulating winders
  • With welding equipment for cold pressing or tungsten inert gas welding
  • With bending machine
  • With trolley for coil transfer
  • With special expanding mandrel for very high winding tension
  • With computer contro

Brief technical data and versions of our horizontal winding machines (DHWM):

  • Drive console and tailstock models as separate units or as a complete package
  • Tailstock with retaining rollers for improved clamping and fall protection
  • Flat wire clamping devices
  • Systems with wire brake mechanisms
  • Full control
  • Integrated expanding mandrel control

Possible options:

  • Under-floor and above-floor models
  • Expanding mandrel holes with variable iris diameters
  • Traditional or CNC (semi-automatic) model
  • With automatic inclined winder section (single/multiple)
  • With wire braking mechanism (single/multiple)
  • With automatic pasting section
  • With wire length measuring device